Our Purpose

Quix New Zealand was established to bring highly reputable plumbers and plumbing businesses together, in one place – so that New Zealanders like you can easily find the plumbing services that you require.

By using a plumber from the Quix network, you can enjoy:

Quality service

All plumbing services in the Quix network meet quality service standards and adhere to industry best practices. Our people provide professional, timely service that you can rely on.

Peace of mind – throughout New Zealand

Unlike many other plumbing services, the Quix network is established nationwide. The businesses that make up our network are already among the largest, most capable and experienced plumbing businesses in each region. That means you can look for Quix, wherever you are in New Zealand. And when you see the Quix brand, you can be certain that you will receive a high quality service.

The benefits of being big

Quix’s large network means that we can provide our customers with a reliable, centralised booking system and more streamlined business processes. We save time and money by doing things well, once, so that our customers can enjoy quality service, without large overheads!

At Quix, we want to ensure your everyday miracles. We know how much you enjoy a hot morning shower, watching the kids play under the garden sprinkler and getting the dog hosed clean with a minimum of fuss.

We know that when it comes to the bathroom and the kitchen sink, you need everything to keep flowing as it should. We understand plumbing and we understand people’s needs.

In fact, the Quix network was developed as a direct answer to people’s needs. Before Quix was on the scene, it was an overwhelming task to select a plumber from the phone book or the internet. There were a huge number of small plumbing businesses – not always of the quality you should expect.

That’s where Quix is different. The Quix network is a hand-picked selection of New Zealand’s most experienced and highly regarded plumbing businesses. All of our employees adhere to industry best-practices, so you can be sure of a job well done. Our centralised booking system means that we meet our appointments, on time, every time. And what’s more, the Quix brand and vans are spread right across the country. So if you are taking a holiday break and the plumbing breaks, you know who to call.