Commercial Servicing & Maintenance

Quix Commercial provides professional plumbing services and roofing services for corporate and commercial clients.

Our vision is to provide the best service – quality workmanship – along with friendly and helpful staff ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your commercial plumbing and roofing needs.

After many years of experience, Quix Commercial has acquired particular expertise with buildings requiring special considerations such as schools, hospitals, hospitality, apartments, hotels, and aged care facilities.

We service the greater Auckland region including Central Auckland, South Auckland, West Auckland and North Auckland.

We have vast experience in schools, hospitals, hospitality, apartments, hotels and aged care facilities that all require special considerations.

Plumbing and roofing health checks and reporting

– Preventative maintenance
– Reactive maintenance
– Long and short term service contracts
– Forecasting for plant and machinery lifespan expectations.

We thrive on a challenge. That’s why we do so much commercial plumbing servicing and roofing servicing in the greater Auckland region including: Central Auckland, South Auckland, West Auckland and North Auckland.

As the saying goes…nothing lasts forever – but with regular servicing and maintenance you can prolong the life of your plumbing fittings and roof thereby minimising any inconvenience, expensive costs, and potential damage to your possessions.

Regular maintenance of your plumbing and roofing will ensure that you keep on top of things, and ensure against unwanted future leaks and surprises. It’s vital to be proactive and actively prevent any plumbing or roofing issues arising.

Our preventative services include:

– Scheduled maintenance – 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually
– 12 Month contract for servicing
– Gas preventative maintenance
– IQP Backflow testing

When an unwanted leak or problem surfaces it’s important to deal with the issue quickly and efficiently. 

Our reactive services include:

– 24 hour 7 day a week emergency call out
– Assessment for priority scheduling
– Reassuring advice to minimise any damage
– Fast response by an experienced tradesperson


For Commercial Plumbing enquiries call: 09 579 9065