Sharing over 35 Years of Experience in Commercial and New Build Plumbing

The Quix Network was developed as a direct answer to people’s needs.

At Quix, we want to ensure your everyday miracles. We know how much you enjoy a hot morning shower, watching the kids play under the garden sprinkler and getting the dog hosed clean with a minimum of fuss. We know that when it comes to the bathroom and the kitchen sink, you need everything to keep flowing as it should. We understand plumbing and we understand people’s needs.

Before Quix was on the scene, it was an overwhelming task to select a plumber from the phone book or the internet. There were a huge number of small plumbing businesses – not always of the quality you should expect. That’s where Quix is different.

The Quix network is a hand-picked selection of New Zealand’s most experienced and highly regarded plumbing businesses.

All of our employees adhere to industry best-practices, so you can be sure of a job well done. Our centralised booking system means that we meet our appointments, on time, every time. And what’s more, the Quix brand and vans are spread right across the country. So if you are taking a holiday break and the plumbing breaks, you know who to call.

Join as a Network Member

Quix New Zealand offers industry leading plumbing professionals.

Full ownership – with brand power

Quix provides you with the opportunity to participate in a nationally branded organisation. You maintain day to day control of your current business – and enjoy returns generated from an expanded nation-wide market.

Improved access to clients, service providers and colleagues

Membership in the Quix network provides existing businesses with greater access to business referrals and national clients – as well as access to accredited service providers and other ‘best in class’ craftsmen plumbers.

Administration support

Quix members are all provided with operation manuals, including the Best Practice Code of Ethics and HSE Employment Manual and Templates. A cutting-edge information system is used to support Quix operations, and front office support is provided by the team on the line at 0800 QUIX NZ.

A plan for the future

After building up a successful plumbing business, many owners find it difficult to realise good value for the reputation they’ve achieved. Finding a successor or a purchaser is often a frustrating process. With Quix, the future growth and sale of your business is in safe hands. Together, we offer succession and exit alternatives that will help you realise true value for all of your hard work.

To find out more about becoming a Quix NZ Member call 0800 QUIX NZ or email Alister Lawrence