IQP Backflow Testing

Rely on the first class service of Quix for your backflow testing needs

Quix provide expert advice and servicing for your backflow prevention testing and installation requirements. This includes the installation of various backflow prevention devices, servicing clients right across the Auckland region.

We are IQP licensed

Our licensed IQP testers provide a range of backflow testing services including testing, reporting, installation, servicing and maintenance. Compliance is crucial for any building, so Quix work with you to ensure all requirements around annual testing and ongoing maintenance are being met to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on a high standard of quality assurance and project management.

What is backflow?

Let’s just say backflow is not desirable in any way, shape or form. Backflow occurs when there is a reversal in the normal flow of water, which then triggers water flow back into the water pipes. This is a serious health risk increasing the risk of contamination. For this reason, building codes mandate that a series of measures and backflow prevention devices are installed and maintained to prevent backflow.

What causes backflow?

Backflow is caused when water pressure is higher than the water pressure at the main or if there is a drop in the pressure at the main. Backflow devices ensure that water supply remains free of pollutants and contamination.

Our team of IQP licensed plumbers guarantees that your backflow prevention testing, problem diagnosis, installation and repair maintenance needs are all in check with current compliance and a high standard of ongoing quality.


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